The Chainsmokers : Drew Taggart se livre sur sa dépression

13 octobre 2018 à 9h50 par La rédaction


Si vous trouviez que les Chainsmokers sortaient des titres sombres et négatifs comme Sick Boy ou Everybody Hates Me, il y a en fait une raison toute simple. Drew Taggart a posté récemment un très long message sur instagram pour confesser qu’il était tombé en dépression. Et pour lui, écrire de telles chansons était en fait sa thérapie face à la maladie. La moitié des Chainsmokers précise par ailleurs qu’il va mieux à présent, et que le dernier titre This Feeling est le premier morceau écrit depuis qu’il est sorti de dépression.

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songwriting is my therapy. i dealt with depression for what most would call the height of the chainsmokers career thus far. you’d think that an artist getting their first massive break and seeing success in a career they love would have no problems, but that’s the funny thing about depression. it’s doesn’t matter what you’ve accomplished because it attacks how you feel about it. your resumé won’t save you. i didn’t begin to feel better until i began putting my feelings into my songs. this explains the sudden dark introspective turn the chainsmokers music took earlier this year with the release of songs like “sick boy” and “everybody hates me” etc. maybe this isn’t the chainsmokers you all wanted and that’s ok, but it’s what we needed to create to grow. that chapter isn’t closed by any means but i do feel like i’ve gotten something off my chest, i’m not hiding my feelings behind a smile when i don’t feel like it anymore. “This Feeling” is the first song i wrote when i came out of my depressed state for the first time. it’s a song about following your heart even when people don’t believe in you. mentally i’m in a good place right now. i’m in love with my friends and family and thank god everyday that i get to write songs for a living. i hope y’all enjoy this one.

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